STRAB 2019 – one month away!

STRAB 2019 – one month away!

Hi all STRAB’ers!

STRAB 2019 is a month away.  We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting STRAB 2019 despite difficult economic times.

The upcoming pre-STRAB events on 27 April and 18 May in Jar Bar, Pretoria, is a must so go check it out!  Details are updated on our Facebook site.

The bands with their backgrounds are announced on the website and Facebook sites against the coolest design backgrounds so that you know every step of the way who is playing and when.

For those of you that has done group bookings, please remember to enter your guests names and details as soon as possible.  Please also remember to forward this mail to everyone in your group as they might not get this mail.

The bookings for 2019 merchandise closes on 26 April at 12:00.  You have this week still to book and pay (your merchandise order will not be registered if there are payments due on your booking).   Do not miss out!
Please also remember the target dates for the following bookings
Merchandise – 26 April 12:00 noon
Food – 10 May 12:00 noon
Border pickup closure – 17 May 12:00 noon
Diving – 17 May 12:00 noon
Equipment – 17 May 12:00 noon
Bookings system final closure – 17 May 12:00 noon

Regarding road conditions, we are still experiencing good roads with limited road works along the way. Allow yourself 9 hours (from Gauteng) to get there and you will be safe.
The new road from Maputu to the Kosi Bay border post has been tarred, so you can drive to STRAB via Komatipoort border post.  This route is around one hour shorter, but then the N4 toll road to the border are quite expensive.  also keep in mind that the last 8km to Malongane is still sand road, so you will still need at least a “bakkie” or SUV to get to Malongane.
Regarding border pickups:
Reminder that no cash will be given to drivers at the border. Your border pick up and drop off are paid on-line.  You will print out your border pickup and drop-off vouchers (two separate vouchers) before you leave to give the applicable one to the driver when you are using the service.

If you are first timers and you have any questions regarding the festival, look on our website and download the STRAB Guide.  That document will tell you what you need to know, other wise just mail us and we will assist!  If you still don’t have questions, contact .

We will see you there!!

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The STRAB team
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