Bookings for STRAB opens in a week’s time! Finger on the trigger at 12:00 on 1 March.

Hi all you pilgrims!

Another year another STRAB.  This year for the 15’th time we will grace Ponta Malongane with our wild and friendly presence, and they in turn will welcome us with open arms to live and enjoy this annual pilgrimage.  As usual we have a few special surprises in store, but first things first.  Lets get the show on the road by ensuring that as far as possible, everyone get tickets!  It’s time for round number 15!!    

Band negotiations are in progress and we will keep you up to date with the lineup as bands are confirmed.  

Just a reminder that when the bookings open, the following guidelines will apply:  

  • Please register and KNOW YOUR PASSWORD before 1 March.  If you received this email you are registered
  • When you make your booking on the day and time is of the essence remember that entering the passport numbers is not mandatory in order to make you make your booking.  You can enter it afterwards.
  • Two or more people can also be attempting to make the same booking at the same time and the 1st to save wins. so if you are in the process of booking and suddenly you get an error or you are thrown off the booking, please take note that someone has completed their booking before you.  It is NOT a system error.
  • POP must be sent to us on same day as booking;
  • EFT payment or cash deposit need to reflect in our account no later than 2 days after booking was made.

The reserved campsite capacities are reflected on the ABOUT STRAB\PONTA MALONGANE PAGE for you to identify the site suitable for the size of your group.

Bring all your POP’s with you to STRAB in case there is a query around payment, especially payments made the day before or on the date when the booking system closed.

The following closing dates on your booking will apply:
Merchandise bookings: 20 April 12:00 noon
Meal bookings: 11 May 12:00 noon
Dive bookings: 17 May 12:00 noon
Border transfer bookings: 17 May 12:00 noon
Accommodation bookings: 17 May 12:00 noon

Please also check the TERMS AND CONDITIONS page to familiarise yourself with your rights. Also take note of cancellation procedures.  Remember to take out TRAVEL INSURANCE for STRAB in the event that you need to cancel your trip at the last minute, so that you can be covered for any losses you might incur.  For any assistance you can call Robyn Erasmus at 072 512 0276 or email  

Good luck with your bookings and we will talk again!

The STRAB team 

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