Bookings for STRAB opens in a week’s time!



Good day STRAB’ers!!

Bookings for STRAB opens in a week’s time! Finger on the trigger at 12:00 on 1 March.

We cannot believe it’s been a year already since we commenced on the previous STRAB journey.  Who will forget the epic beach party with Crimson House, the first standing ovation ever on the deck for Richard van der Westhuizen, the news that Albert Frost won his first SAMA award just before he went on stage, packed stages and deck parties late into the night. Who can forget the wonderful people of Mozambique treating us to their hospitality in the numerous pubs and restaurants in Malongane town.  Well, it’s time for the next round!!    

Band negotiations are in progress and we will keep you up to date with the line-up as bands are confirmed.  As usual this year will be special again!

Just a reminder that when the bookings open, the following guidelines will apply:

  • POP sent to us on same day as booking;
  • EFT payment or cash deposit reflect in our account no later than 2 days after booking was made.

The reserved campsite capacities are reflected on the ABOUT STRAB\PONTA MALONGANE PAGE on the website for you to identify the site suitable for the size of your group.

Bring all your POP’s with you to STRAB in case there is a query around payment, especially payments made the day before or on the date when the booking system closed.

The following closing dates on your booking will apply:
Merchandise bookings: 20 April 12:00 noon
Meal bookings: 11 May 12:00 noon
Dive bookings: 17 May 12:00 noon
Border transfer bookings: 17 May 12:00 noon
Accommodation bookings: 17 May 12:00 noon

Please also check the TERMS AND CONDITIONS page to familiarise yourself with your rights. Also take note of cancellation procedures.  Remember to take out TRAVEL INSURANCE for STRAB in the event that you need to cancel at the last minute, so that you can be reimbursed for your expenses.

Good luck with your bookings and we will talk again!

The STRAB team

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