brewhouselogoCockpit Brewhouse

The bar at Malongane is sponsored by The Cockpit Brewhouse! This aviation themed craft brewery and eatery in the historical district of Cullinan produces six regular beers – Spitfire, Mustang, Hells Bells, Fokker Weiss, Tiger Moth and Black Widow. The Cockpit Brewhouse is well known for its excellent beers, good pub-style food and great live music. Visit it when you are in Cullinan again


Contact Cockpit Brewhouse
Tel: 012 734 0656
Facebook: The Cockpit Brewhouse


unnamedCapital Craft

They sponsor our backstage – making sure our bands are looked after on the refreshment side. A first for Pretoria, a restaurant that serves quality foods together with the best craft beers that South Africa has to offer. They will tell you that craft beers are much more than just a refreshing beverage, each beer has a story to tell. Their tasty dishes elaborate on these tales and are designed to complement the spicy taste of barley/wheat and hops. It is also part of their mission to educate their clientele about the brewing process, the different types of beer and also to help them discover the rich fragrances, aromas and tastes locked away in each beer you order.

Contact Capital Craft
Tel: 012 424 8601
Website: www.capitalcraft.co.za