Hi all STRAB’ers!

STRAB 2017 is just more than a month away.  Things are heating up and we are working hard to get the final pieces of the puzzle in place to provide you with an awesome festival!

Andries and Hana will be visiting Malongane over the April long weekend to meet the Malongane team for a final pre-STRAB meeting to ensure everything is in place.

Around your bookings:
Everyone need to fill in their passport numbers on their bookings.
Remember to book your meals, dives, merchandise, equipment, border transports.
For those of you that booked festival tickets (Thursday to Saturday) and want to attend the Wednesday as well, just change the dates on your ticket booking to include the Wednesday.  Your basket will be updated automatically with theWednesday ticket amount.
For those of you that are in charge of group bookings, please enter your guests names and details as above as soon as possible.
Please also remember to forward this mail to everyone in your group as they might not get this mail.

A reminder that the bookings for your merchandise closes on 21 April (tomorrow!).  Ensure that you have ordered your merchandise – you can pay later 🙂
A reminder again for the target dates for the following bookings
Merchandise – 21 April 12:00 noon
Food – 12 May 12:00 noon
Border pickup closure – 18 May 12:00 noon
Diving – 18 May 12:00 noon
Equipment – 18 May 12:00 noon
Bookings system final closure – 18 May 12:00 noon

A reminder again on the new border transfer procedures:
This year, no cash will be given to drivers at the border. Your border pick up and drop off are paid on-line.  You will print out your border pickup and drop-off vouchers (two separate vouchers) before you leave.  Both vouchers have the pick-up and drop-off information on them.  Give one of the vouchers to the driver when you pitch at the border and the other when you leave Malongane.

If you are first timers and you have any questions regarding the festival, look on our website and download the STRAB Guide.  That document will tell you what you need to know, other wise just mail us and we will assist!  If you still don’t have questions, contact 🙂

We will see you there!!

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The STRAB team
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