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For the last couple of years they have been donating funds towards Mamoli Mission, which is a mere 10 km’s from Ponta Malongane, where the festival happens every year.

The history of The Mamoli Mission Children’s Home, Mozambique (est. 1996)

Simao and Annette Mucache, who founded the original church, realised immediately that there was no schooling in the area. They subsequently started a little school, which also included a boarding facility for a few children. A handcraft business was started and an oven was built for baking bread. A vegetable garden was also established and after 18 years they eventually became connected to the electrical grid. In 2010 Annette, the mother of the Mission House, very sadly passed away in a car accident on her way back from the Western Cape with a donated generator. Simao Mucache and a very selfless Nic Jones (permanent volunteer from Ponta Do Ouro) now run the Mission with the help of volunteers. The end-goal is to make the mission self-sufficient, both financially as well as agriculturally.

In 2012 STRAB’s charity team donated clothes and food to the Mamoli Mission.

In 2013 STRAB donated R10 000 which was used to help in the battle for power lines for the Mission, which they finally received in 2014.

In 2014 STRAB donated a brand-new, custom-built suspension system for the Mamoli Mission’s Toyota Land Cruiser.

In 2015 Landmine Rock, a charity festival held in Gauteng, and STRAB donated R6 000 towards the Mission for food and necessities, as well as a new road-side banner.

In 2016 the Mamoli Mission was temporarily closed for renovations in accordance with the rules and regulations of Social Welfare, so STRAB refocused their attention towards the local government school (the one you drive past on your way in) and raise funds to better the education of kids in rural Mozambique.

The Landmine Rock team visited Simao at the Mission in October 2016 and were pleasantly surprised at the headway being made with regards to renovations and getting everything back on track. The vegetable garden looked great and the bakery was still producing hot pão. They had tiled the bathrooms and kitchen and built extra toilets and showers. There are still kids being cared for – whether they are living at the mission or in neighbouring villages – and a lot still needs to be done. The funds that were raised at Landmine Rock in 2016 were used to buy learning materials for the children and a keyboard for the church, as well as to cover some of the admin and building costs.
2017 will see the STRAB charity once again focusing on The Mamoli Mission Children’s Home, as they still need all the help they can get to sustain and continue with their mission to educate and care for the kids of Mamoli and surrounds.

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Other Partners involved in the STRAB Charity Initiative:

THE LANDMINE ROCK TEAM (Jessica Botha & Moonshine Lee)
For her 21st birthday Jessica Botha started Landmine Rock – a fundraising initiative that turned into an annual event. Since the start of Landmine Rock in 2007, over R50 000 has been raised for charity, Mamoli Mission being the main target of funds donated. This could not be done without the support of the Van Der Walt-family and all the great musicians that donate their time and tunes at this event!

The Black Sheep Rock Conspiracy, consisting of Piet Botha, Akkedis & the Freygang Band, also helped raise R40 000 for the Mamoli Mission on their tours in SA and Germany, which was allocated towards fixing the Missions bread-baking oven and other expenses.

For more info contact Jessica on 083 464 3281 / /

YOU CAN DONATE R20 to this worthy cause as part of your STRAB booking!