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Time to spend time with our STRAB family again!

Hi all STRAB’ers!

Please send this mail to everyone in your booking group.  They will not get this mail!

The excitement is growing…we are struggling to concentrate at work…nothing else seems to matter.  Its time to spend time with our STRAB family again!

Before we leave however we still have the epic pre-party at Thirst@28′ East / Craft Exchange on Friday evening evening.  Its going to be a great evening with our sponsors and great bands will entertain us!

The booking system closes Thursday at 12:00.  Any changes you want to make that involves dives, border transport and change of ticket information, can be made until then.  This is especially relevant to those of you that cannot attend STRAB and are selling your tickets.    As usual, we will not accept walk-ins, so please tell your friends not no pitch at Malongane reception if they don’t have a current booking.

Remember that you cannot print your tickets if all outstanding fees have not been paid up.  You will be required to settle your account at the gate before being allowed to enter Malongane.  Those of you that cannot print your tickets, make the effort to sort it with us beforehand to avoid irritating reconciliations when you just want to party!  If your account is overdue and you don’t agree, simply bring us you or your group’s POP’s and we can address the issue.

Everyone that don’t have a South Africa passport, remember to get your Visa at the Mozambique consulate in Pretoria.  Visa’s are also available at the border for around R1000.

Bring the appropriate documentation for your cars.  If your vehicle is still in your bank’s possession, get a cross border permission letter and copy of your registration papers from them.  Bring a copy of your vehicle insurance along where it states that your vehicle is covered in Mozambique.  If a vehicle is on your name you can bring the original registration certificate with.
3rd party insurance can be bought at Outdoor warehouse (definitely the one in centurion) or at the border.

Since last year the border transfers are totally cashless, so remember to print out your transfer vouchers to give to the driver.  One voucher per trip.

Something different everyone will see this year when they drive to Malongane from the border is the new road from Maputu that split – one going to the border and one to Ponta do Ouro.  Yes, from next year the last section of these these roads will be fully tarred.  The 1st part of the route to Malongane from the border can therefore be a bit confusing but look out for signs showing the way.

At reception, everyone needs book in personally with their passport in order to get their armband and Merchandise for those that pre-ordered.

For the general campers, remember that campsites 1 – 33 is allocated to you.   You can camp anywhere in the general camping area, except campsite 13 which is allocated to STRAB staff.

There are power points spread throughout so a multi plug and lead is useful items to bring along.

Winter is here so, although the STRAB days are nice and warm, the evenings can be chilly.  Please be prepared – these days even for rain!

There will be the usual info desk under the lapa at the back of the stage.  Come visit us and support our bands by buying their merchandise.  Those of you that didn’t pre-book STRAB merchandise, can see if your size is available when we sell the remaining merchandise from Friday at 18:00.

There will be medics on duty throughout the festival for medical emergencies.  Look out for them at the medic tent at campsite 40a.

Avoid bringing expensive personal items to STRAB.  If you choose to do so, please keep your belongings safe, either in your vehicle or on your person if possible as there are always people around using festivals to relieve you of your possessions.

The closest ATM facility is in the town of Ponta do Ouro, so bring enough cash to last the week!  You can survive on rands so no need to change to Mozambique currency.

For the rest, please prepare yourselves for the most incredible week.  We are looking forward to entertain you!

From the STRAB team – Ate Logo!!

Check out our Website, Facebook and Twitter sites for the latest updates over the next few days.

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