Accommodation & Tickets

Find your preferred accommodation and festival ticket options for the ultimate experience

Booking Info:

Table 1 depicts prices per person for the 3 nights of the main festival. These prices include the festival ticket.

Table 2 depicts the additional amount you need to pay if you want to arrive on the Wednesday. These prices include the Wednesday ticket.

Table 3 depicts pricing for all other extra days before the Wednesday and from the Sunday onwards.

Merchandise, meals, diving, camping equipment and border transfers also need to be bought / booked on the booking system.   Please visit the applicable pages for more information.

For any enquiries regarding bookings, contact

Accommodation bookings close on 14 May 2024 @ 12:00 noon

Private beach houses along the Malongane bay to rent. Take groups from 8 – 16. Contact for more information.

Please remember the following when you make a booking:

For you to be able to make a booking, you have to register on the STRAB booking site.

We only accept on-line bookings

We require immediate payment of your booking amount. No booking is confirmed without payment reflecting in our bank account within 2 days.

Remember to key in everybody’s passport numbers on the reservation.

After you booked and secured your accommodation, the person who booked, needs to fill in all the names and relevant information on the booking, for example if you book a Group Campsite for 12 people, you need to fill in all 12 people’s details and pay for all 12.

The accommodation prices are per person for 3 nights, however, you need to fill the unit that you book except for General Camping. This price includes your ticket for STRAB.

STRAB has different accommodation options that varies from camping to luxury beach houses. Fixed accommodation inside the resort is limited so make so to book early.

See here for group campsite capacity:

  • Campsite Nr 34 – 8pax
  • Campsite Nr 35 – 8pax
  • Campsite Nr 36 – 8pax
  • Campsite Nr 37 – 12pax
  • Campsite Nr 38 – 10pax
  • Campsite Nr 39 – 10pax
  • Campsite Nr 40 – 10pax
  • Campsite Nr 45 – 8pax
  • Campsite Nr 46 – 6pax
  • Campsite Nr 47 –  6pax
  • Campsite Nr 48 – 6pax
  • Campsite Nr 49 – 6pax
  • Campsite Nr 50 – 8pax
  • Campsite Nr 51 – 8pax
  • Campsite Nr 52 – 8pax
  • Campsite Nr 53 – 8pax


Resort map ig
resort map small

Download the resort map

This resort map shows the layout of the Parque de Malongane resort as well as all the accommodation options available. Use this map to determine which group campsite, chalet or rondawel you would like to book.

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Find your preferred accommodation and festival ticket options for the ultimate experience