Border Transfers

Border Transfers

 Those without 4X4’s, bakkies or any four wheel drive vehicle, must make use of a border transfer to get to Ponta Malongane.

The resort is situated 14km from the Kosi Bay border post. 


You must book the timeslot(s) for your border transfer(s) (yours and that of your guests on your booking). 

Cost is R150p/p one way.  

Your border transfers are pre-booked and paid on the booking system. 

It is absolutely critical that you print out you voucher for your border pickup and your border drop off.  This is your ticket that must be given to you driver when you embark.  No ticket, no drive! 

Border Transfer bookings close on 14 May 2024 @ 12:00 noon 

Please note: Only guests staying in Malongane can make use of the border transfer facility, for the simple reason that the border transfers only run from Malongane to the border and back. Border transfers can only be booked for days you arrive/departure as per your booking. 

How the border transfers work A vehicle with a STRAB 2024 sticker on the front window will collect you and your guests at the border. This includes your luggage and equipment. (Remember to put on sunscreen and take a bottle of water).