STRAB Charities

We support the local community who desperately needs our help. In 2024 we will help the Mamoli School, the Malongane School and Ponta Paws. Every donation will make a huge difference in the lives of many people and your contribution will assist those in need

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In 2024, STRAB will be contributing to three school projects and one animal project!

Ponta Mamoli School – Roof Replacement project

The primary school in Ponta Maloli is in desperate need for the roof to be replaced.  STRAB will contribure towards the materials and construction costs of around R70000

Ponta Malongane School – Additional Classroom construction

The local school in Ponta Malongane currently has 2 conventional classrooms and 2 improvised classrooms (roof sheeting used for protection from weather). The school has 6 teachers and 312 students enrolled for the 2024 academic year so they are in desperate need of more space.  These classrooms will also be used in the evening for adult education.

School marine education project – The world beyond the waves

To increase awareness for school children on tourism which is the life blood of the economy in Ponta Malongane.  depends on – tourism!.  The marine environment and protection thereof is what makes tourists visit this area every year.  Local children however do not have the means and exposure to discover and protect what lies behind the waves that attract so many vistors.  It will be STRAB’s aim to expose at least 40 children to the world beyond the waves in 2024.

Ponta Paws project

As many of you are aware, we have no local veterinarians in the area but thanks to certain individuals in our community they organise veterinarian services twice a year to help as many dogs, cats and animals as possible.  They are always in need of funds, dog and cat food and the open hearts of animal lovers to sustain this able cause.  Your contribution will make a world of difference to the Ponta Paws project.