Our Covid Regulations

COVID regulations pertaining to tests and vaccination certificates currently exist between South Africa and Mozambique and are enforced at border posts between our two countries.

For STRAB the two border posts that are applicable are the Lobombo border post at Komatipoort, as well as, the Kosi Bay border post.

For both border posts the following rules apply:

Entry into Mozambique


  • A barcoded PCR test done during the previous 72 hour period, or
  • Alternatively, you can do a rapid test on the Mozambique side for R300.

Entry into South Africa


  • A rapid test on the South African side for R250
  • There will also be a STRAB rapid test facility at the festival from Saturday for R300. Valid for 48hours and accepted at the border posts.

The STRAB team respects that everyone has their own opinions about tests and/or vaccinations.  All we can ask is that you honour the current regulations and for the sake of your fellow festival goer, as well as, the local community, refrain from using fake certificates or tests for the festival.