Hi all STRAB’ers!

STRAB 2022 is a month away.  We cannot wait to re-unite with old friends, meet new ones and to again share in the power of the music that binds us together!

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting STRAB 2022 despite difficult economic times.  Our hearts also go out to our friends, families and fellow countrymen in Kwazulu Natal where so many lives and households have been devastated by the floods.

The 2022 pre-STRAB events are scheduled for:
15 May : Railways Cafe – Centurion 
20 May : Sowaar Bar Pretoria 
21 May : Armchair Theatre Cape Town

Check our Facebook sites on details of these events and let’s get warmed up on the road to STRAB!

The bands with their backgrounds have been announced on our Facebook site over the past couple of weeks, and it’s looking exciting so far.  

Group bookings: Please remember to enter your guests’ names and details as soon as possible.  

The bookings for 2022 merchandise and meal packages closes on 29 April at 12:00.  You have less than two weeks still to book and pay (your orders will not be registered if there are outstanding payments on your booking).   Do not miss out!

Please also remember the closing dates for the following booking items
Merchandise – 29 April 12:00 noon
Meal packages – 29 April 12:00 noon
Border pickup closure – 13 May 12:00 noon
Diving – 13 May 12:00 noon
Equipment – 13 May 12:00 noon
Bookings system final closure – 13 May 12:00 noon

Note: NO accommodation or day tickets will be sold at the gate during the festival this year.  Only pre-bookings allowed.

Malongane entrance fee:  As per previous communications, Malongane has introduced a new fee for day visitors.  We managed to negotiate it down to R30 per day for our day ticket holders.  For those of you that booked new tickets since 1 March, your R30 fee is included in the new ticket prices.  For those of you that carried over your tickets from 2020, we added the R30 per day to your baskets.  It is important that you log into your booking and confirm the outstanding amounts that will now reflect on your baskets.  Avoid surprises at the reception gate!!!

Guide to STRAB: Please download the STRAB guide from STRAB GUIDE | STRAB You will get all the info you need to get you safely in Malongane.  A few important points:

From Gauteng, there are now two established roads, the original road via Pongola and the new popular one via Maputu.  For both options, please allow for 9 hours of travel time.   Please keep in mind that the last 8km to Malongane is still sand road, so you will still need at least a “bakkie” or SUV to get to Malongane.   

Pickups and drop-offs:
For those coming with cars, there are two parking areas:
If you enter at Kosi Bay: the parking areas are about 200m before the Kosi Bay border
If you enter at Lebombo: the parking area entrance is just before the Malongane sand road turnoff on your left. 
Reminder that no cash will be given to drivers. Your border pick up and drop-off are paid online.  You will print out your border pickup and drop-off vouchers (two separate vouchers) before you leave to give the applicable one to the driver when you are using the service.  
This will be the 1st time that we will be handling pickup and drop-offs from two different points, so please be patient if there are any hick-ups.

Covid and other rules:
We are not sure what will happen between now and STRAB, but this is the current situation:
A PCR test done within the last 72 hours is still required to enter Mozambique.  At the Lebombo border post, you have the option to do a rapid test at the Mozambique side for R300 if you don’t have a valid PCR test.  Kosi Bay border doesn’t have this facility.  
If you are in possession of a valid vaccination certificate (booster shots not needed), you do not have to do a Covid test to enter South Africa on your way out.  You just need to show your certificate at the border.  Those not in possession of a certificate can do a rapid test at the South African side of the border post at R250.

A beach curfew is still in place from 18:00 in the evening until 05:00 in the morning.  It is strictly forbidden to be on the beach during this time and this is aggressively enforced.  So please prepare yourself to not include the beach in your after-hour plans during STRAB.

For our overseas visitors, due to administrative constraints the Kosi bay border post doesn’t currently issue visas on arrival.  At Lebombo border post, the process is relatively fast.  Pay the US$50 with your bank card.

If the STRAB guide doesn’t answer your questions, just email or call 0828031981 (WhatsApp calls only) and we will assist you

We will see you there!!

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The STRAB team

Hi all STRAB’ers!

STRAB 2023 is less than a month away.  We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting STRAB 2023 despite difficult economic times.

Check out our Facebook site for any upcoming pre-STRAB events over the next month.  Details are updated on our Facebook site.

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STRAB 2023 Countdown

STRAB 2023 is ready and waiting to be experienced from 24 – 28 May. As this is 20 years after the 1st birthday bash of our Scuba school, that went on to become the STRAB festival, it is quite a special year for us with unbelievable memories spanning this period. Our band lineup as usual will reflect our style and there will be a healthy mix between your favorites and exciting new blood.

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