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Bookings will Open on 1 March 2024 @ 12:00

In 2024, the STRAB festival will commence on Wednesday 22 May with a beach party set against the backdrop of the turquoise sea. Building on the official festival from Thursday, with a line-up of bands worthy to perform in the true spirit of STRAB!!


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Due to its location, STRAB will always be an exclusive event. The venue does not allow for thousands of people to flock to Malongane and this is how it will remain. Those who attend the festival are committed music lovers and have always supported the STRAB philosophy of respect, love and harmony…

Meet The Team


Andries Burger

Founder and Co-owner
WA Calls Only +27 79 341 1919.
MOZ +258 84 358 8339.


Conrad Jamneck

Vibe Director, Stage, Sound Lights
082 806 3418


Hanalie Burger

Band Logistics and Operations
WA Calls Only 082 803 1981
MOZ +258 84 356 8235


Mario & Liesl

Equipment and Admin

STRAB – a unique success story about SA music lovers and the Mozambicans of Ponta Malongane

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