Ponta Malongane Is One Of The Premium Dive Centres And Adventure Holiday Resorts In Mozambique

Southern Mozambique, just 14 km north of the South African border, Ponta Malongane is best known for its supreme diving sites and excellent fishing.

It is however a place that everybody will enjoy. Its tranquil and pristine beaches with its relaxed atmosphere will ensure that you will return, year after year.

Ponta Molangane boasts an amazing beach, enchanting beauty, and wondrous reefs which renders it the place where your thirst for freedom and excitement will be quenched.



This resort map shows the layout of the Parque de Molagane resort as well as all the accommodation options available. Use this map to determine whichreserved campsite, chalet or rondawel you would like to book. The reception, office, shop, restaurant, ablution blocks and diving centre are also indicated.

Download the Resort Map of Ponta Malongane


All the rondavels have bedding, an en-suite bathroom and kitchenette with basic kitchen utensils as well as a refrigerator.  No towels or toiletries.

4, 5 and 6 bed options available.  All the chalets have bedding, an en-suite bathroom and kitchenette with basic kitchen utensils as well as a refrigerator.  No towels or toiletries.

There are General campsites (campsites 1-33 and 101-114) from the entrance gate (reception) up to the restaurant, and Group campsites (from the restaurant up to the dive camp or stage area). The difference is, everybody share campsites on General Camping – first come, first serve. You will book per person. On Group campsites, you book per campsite for the full number of people allocated to the specific campsite and are charged per person. The owner of the booking will be responsible for full amount of the campsite as on his/her basket. Contact Hanalie at to enquire about the number of people allocated to each Group campsite.

See below for group campsite capacity:

Campsite Nr 34                  8pax

Campsite Nr 35                  8pax

Campsite Nr 36                  8pax

Campsite Nr 37                  12pax

Campsite Nr 38                  10pax

Campsite Nr 39                  10pax

Campsite Nr 40                  10pax

Campsite Nr 40a                8pax

Campsite Nr 40b                8pax

Campsite Nr 42                   8pax

Campsite Nr 45                  8pax

Campsite Nr 46                  6pax

Campsite Nr 47                  6pax

Campsite Nr 48                  6pax

Campsite Nr 49                  6pax

Campsite Nr 50                  8pax

Campsite Nr 51                  8pax

Campsite Nr 52                  8pax

Campsite Nr 53                  8pax

Tents on decking:

2-man dome tents with two single beds and mattresses, situated in the dive camp. There is no en-suite bathroom – shared ablution facilities. Please provide your own linen and towels and light source (no candles!!!). There is a self-catering kitchen in the dive camp with a braai area. Please bring your own cutlery and crockery. Pots and pans provided. Fridge space is allocated to all guests staying in the dive camp. There is no electricity in the tents.

Log huts:
Wooden huts with two single beds, mattresses and linen, situated in the dive camp. There is a plug in each room. There is no en-suite bathroom (shared ablution facilities). There is a self-catering kitchen in the dive camp. Please bring your own cutlery and crockery. Pots and pans provided. Fridge space is allocated to all guests staying in the dive camp. Please provide your own towels.



Key Deposit
A key deposit of R150 is required on arrival at the resort. This is refunded on departure once the resort’s house keeping department has checked your accommodation, signed the back of your slip and you return this slip to the reception.

Diving no diving is allowed from private boats. No private compressor for cylinder filling is allowed in and near the resort. All divers will be required to show their valid C-card and log book to the dive camp staff before diving. Management reserves the right to prevent a diver from diving if this information is not valid.

Dive planning is done every evening in the dive camp. Please note that only the dive camp staff can do dive planning or make changes. All dives confirmed will be charged for.

Reef Tax
Reef tax is STRICTLY payable at the resort. Reef tax is a weekly amount per diver and is subject to change by the Mozambican Government

Guests must park in the designated areas only; we request that you do not park on the grass. If there are any problems please contact the reception or the resort’s management.

It is strictly forbidden to braai on the grass. No fires are allowed on the beach without the permission of the resort manager.

Flora and Fauna
Guests should not damage or remove fauna and flora in and around the resort. Wood or charcoal can be obtained in the shop during working hours. No pets are allowed in the resort.

If anyone is reported to management or found to be abusing the reefs, fish, plant life, removing things from the reefs etc., she/he will not be allowed to dive.

Beach Rules
Driving on the beach is strictly prohibited. The resort reserves no right to grant any permission whatsoever to drive on the beach. No alcohol will be allowed on the beach.  Nudity is strictly forbidden.  No “making out” on the beach is allowed. These rules are enforced by the local maritime police with the possibility of severe fines or even imprisonment.

Casual Staff
Can be employed to assist you. Check at reception for available help. Please ensure that you discuss and agree on a wage that you will pay as the casuals are not part of the Malongane team and therefore are not responsible for them. NO casual workers may work between 18H00 and 06H00. Wages are R100 per day.

Although Ponta Malongane has security on duty 24 hours a day, management does not take any responsibilities for any goods stolen or damaged during your stay there. Ponta Malongane reserves the right of admission at all times.