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Complete your dive course before STRAB 2023 and experience why we all went there in the first place!!!


We present Scuba courses to equip you before STRAB: The lectures are completed on-line and we complete your pool sessions and qualifying divers over the following weekends:

10 & 12 March 2023

14 & 16 April 2023


Then for all the divers that are not qualified as Advanced divers yet, don’t miss the opportunity to dive Malongane’s deeper reefs. Get Advanced qualified! The Advanced courses will take place over the same weekends as the Scuba Courses above.

For info on getting you diving before STRAB, contact



About diving at the festival:

Dives can be booked on the STRAB booking system. Dives are charged at R560 per dive.

Dive bookings closes: 13 May at 12:00 noon.

All divers will be charged R100 reef tax for the weekend. A 5% staff tip will also be added to your basket upon booking. The reason for this being that Malongane wants to discourage the people from tipping individuals. It creates animosity amongst the dive crew because some get paid way more than the others. It is true, there are a few that will go the extra mile for you, but then they do not pay attention to other divers. The consequence is that the rest of the staff suffers with the work load being bigger on them and unhappiness creeps in.

Malongane staff will oversee the planning. You will be able to book your dives for the next day with the dive planning board at 16:30 every afternoon.

Diving at Ponta Malongane

Remember that you are entering an underwater game reserve and as such we cannot guarantee that you will see the marine life as stipulated in the following description of the dive locations.

All water sport activities at Parque de Malongane are run from the dive centre in the Dive Camp, situated in the southern part of the resort just 30 meters from the beach. It is a stylized 2 floor wooden complex, with self-catering kitchen, dining area, bar, small pool, a medical room, kitting up decks and compressor station, which offers you 232 Bar air-fills.

Open Water Sites

Bread Loaf (10 – 12m): If you want to explore and see pinnacle rocks, sand gullies, plate coral and a variety of fish life especially rays and scorpion fish then this is the reef to experience

Creche (10 – 12m): This dive is ideal for student & novice divers or those people who would like to dive a shallow reef. It has been named creche due to the abundance and wide variety of juvenile fish that can be seen.

Doodles (15 -17m): A fantastic dive with a massive variety of marine life. Octopus, mantis shrimp, potato bass, rays, honeycomb moray eels and game fish.

Paradise (12 -18m): For the chance to experience paradise under the sea – superlative corals, moray eels, tremendous gullies and overhangs await you, not to mention the wide variety of reef fish.

Ridge (12 – 16m): Here is the chance to discover a ledge, which is approximately 4m high with plenty of magnificent corals (soft and hard). Also discover the cave on this reef. The marine life is plentiful and you have a chance to spot the turtles and kingfish.

Shallow Malongane (12 – 14m): The opportunity to see all types of corals, grand turtles and large crayfish. On the southern part of this reef there are many gullies and caves that await your investigation.

Texas (12 – 16m): As the name indicates this is one of our larger reefs. For the adventurous diver, central to this reef is a large gully with swim through, overhangs and arches. Turtles, scorpion fish, rays, eels and soft corals can also be found.

Advanced Sites

Maverick’s (25 – 28m): One of Malongane’s deeper dives. In the middle of the sand is a awesome pinnacle rock that is 20m across & 30m long with its residents. Find honeycomb morays, smaller morays, leaf fish and other sea wonders.

Three Sisters (21 – 25m): The 3 sisters of the sea are 3 pinnacle rocks about 50m apart. A prospect not to be missed where there are huge amounts of fish life – black cheek moray eels, honeycomb morays, lionfish and large rays are just some of the examples.

Anchor (18 -21m): Not only do you get the joy of exploring the anchor on the southern end of Kev’s Ledge that gave this reef its name but also 2 parallel ledges with an abundance and variety of reef fish.

Pinnacles (28 – 42m): Imagine being able to dive on the edge of a continental shelf with sharks Hammerheads, Zambezi and Dusky not to mention large game fish and manta rays. Summer is the ideal time to dive this reef.

Bass City (20 -25m): Bert is famous throughout the waters of southern Mozambique and is in residence at Bass City. There are 4 other large potato bass on the 5 outcroppings of rock that make up this reef but Bert is the only one who will come and swim with you. Come and discover other sights.

Rianna’s Arch (18 – 24m): Your dream of swimming through an awesome arch with a rich and spectacular variety of fish is possible on the northern side of Kev’s Ledge.

Kev’s Ledge (21 – 24m): For the inquisitive person the many and varied crevices of a 6m rocky ledge is heaven and is yours to explore with its wide and varied marine life. It is similar to a wall dive.


About ocean safari’s at the festival:

A combined sightseeing, dolphin and snorkeling experience! Ocean safari’s can be booked on the STRAB booking system charged at R695 per safari.