Hi all STRABers

As announced previously STRAB 2022 is going ahead.  Approaching the 1 March date when our bookings traditionally opened, we were waiting for direction from the Mozambique government around their beach and gathering regulations. 

Up to last week there was still a 5:00 to 16:00 limit on access to beaches as well as 150 person limit on gatherings.  Based on this, the initial call was not to sell any additional tickets coming 1 March.

Since then however the beach access hours have been increased to 5:00 – 18:00 and the gathering limit have increased to 1000.  This now enables us to accommodate a full capacity STRAB, resulting in us opening the booking system on 1 March at 12:00 noon to sell the remainder of the available tickets.

Bookings and Prices

There will be camping tickets and Festival tickets on sale from 1 March and depending on cancellations, there might be some reserved campsites and fixed accommodation available

Unfortunately due to the complexities of keeping the booking system dates aligned, all waiting lists had to be removed.

All current paid up accommodation tickets will not be affected and bookings stays exactly the same on 2020 prices.

All current accommodation tickets that are not paid up by 28 February will be upgraded to new 2022 prices from 1 March.

Any extra days additions to current bookings will be at 2022 prices

To accommodate price increases over the past two years, Meals, Dives, Border pickup, Merchandise, Ocean Safari have been updated to 2022 prices where applicable for both current and new bookings.

For current paid up festival and day ticket holders, R30 per day has been added to baskets to accommodate a recently introduced daily fee charged by Malongane resort.

The R30 per day fee has also been added to the new 2022 festival and day ticket prices.

Route to Malongane and safe parking

The traditional route via Durban or Pongola and entering at Kosi Bay is still the same.  You can still park your car just before the border and we will arrange border pickups and drop offs for you on the Mozambique side of the border.

The Komatipoort option is now equally popular.  Although a little bit longer time wise and more toll gates to budget for, the road is in an excellent condition from Gauteng right up to Ponta do Ouro. For those with cars, we have arranged for a secure parking area next to the tarr road at the turn off to Malongane.  We will also arrange for pick-ups and drop offs from that parking area.

Covid testing

Currently, the following rules apply:

Entering Mozambique a PCR test (Currently R500) not older than 72 hours is needed, or alternatively, a rapid test can be done on the Mozambique side of the border for R300.

Leaving Mozambique a rapid test can be done at the border on the South African side for R250.  You can do a PCR test in Ponta do Oura side to avoid the rapid test at the border, but it is much more expensive than in SA.

Hi all STRAB’ers!

STRAB 2023 is less than a month away.  We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting STRAB 2023 despite difficult economic times.

Check out our Facebook site for any upcoming pre-STRAB events over the next month.  Details are updated on our Facebook site.

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STRAB 2023 Countdown

STRAB 2023 is ready and waiting to be experienced from 24 – 28 May. As this is 20 years after the 1st birthday bash of our Scuba school, that went on to become the STRAB festival, it is quite a special year for us with unbelievable memories spanning this period. Our band lineup as usual will reflect our style and there will be a healthy mix between your favorites and exciting new blood.

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