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Strab Festival Has Been Actively Involved In The Local Community Of Southern Mozambique, Since Its Debut In 2005

Donate R20 towards the STRAB Charity initiative when buying your STRAB ticket!


In 2012 STRAB started donating towards the Mamoli Mission Children’s Home, about 10 kilometers from Ponta Malongane, where the festival happens annually.

However, since the Mission was closed in 2015, and with the untimely death of the Mission’s co-founder, Simao Mucache in 2019, STRAB have decided to focus their efforts to assist the resort, Parque de Malongane, the Malongane School and the new Manzine Mission with future plans and donations.

You can contribute to this charity effort by simply donating R20 (or more) when you book your STRAB ticket!

The history of The Mamoli Mission Children’s Home, Mozambique (est. 1996)

Founded in 1996 by Simao and Annette Mucache, who after building a church, realised that there was no schooling in the area. They subsequently started a little school, which also included a boarding facility for a few children. In 2010 Annette, the mother of the Mission House, tragically passed away in a car accident, leaving Simao Mucache to run the Mission with the help of volunteers.  In the years that followed the Mission eventually became connected to an electrical grid, so they started a bakery and a vegetable garden, which made the Mission to become self-sustainable.

The Mission was closed down in 2015 and Simao Mucache sadly passed away in 2019.  The future of the Mamoli Mission is uncertain but we have heard of a new Manzine Mission with volunteers and kids that were living at Mamoli (see details below).

A timeline of STRAB’s involvement with Mamoli Mission:

  • In 2012 STRAB’s charity team donated clothes and food to the Mamoli Mission.
  • In 2013 STRAB donated R10 000 which was used to help in the battle for power lines for the Mission, which they finally received in 2014.
  • In 2014 STRAB donated a brand-new, custom-built suspension system for the Mamoli Mission’s Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • In 2015 Landmine Rock, a charity festival held in Gauteng, and STRAB donated R6 000 towards the Mission for food and necessities, as well as a new road-side banner.
  • In 2015 the Mamoli Mission was closed due in accordance with the rules and regulations of Social Welfare, so STRAB refocused their attention towards the local government school (the one you drive past on your way in) and raised funds to better the education of kids in rural Mozambique.
  • From 2016 to 2019, all donations collected by STRAB were equally shared between those who were still dependent on the Mission and the local school in Malongane.



De Freitas Bible Distribution and Outreaches is a non-profit company created by Joao Nhaca, Adele Ferreira De Freitas and Jacqueline Whitlock.  Director Adele Ferreira de Freitas was introduced to the old Mamoli Mission Mozambique in 2013.

“My son Pedro and I visited the mission as volunteers, no 4×4, but on foot. I knew this was where I was supposed to be, giving a helping hand.  There were 45 kids being raised by Simao and only 3 helpers – I felt these kids needed a hug now and then. Coming back from our adventure, I started telling my community and soon an annual outreach was arranged, volunteering to just spend quality time with these kids with whom we fell in love.”

After the closing down of the Mission in 2015, a young man Joao Nhaca Manzine, whom she met at the Mission and kept in contact with, offered her a piece of land, asking Adele to please come help them to build a new children’s mission.  He is the local pastor and has completed YWAM courses at Manzine’s Cosy Bush Camp.  With no more Mission to visit, Joao opened his home to volunteers and built ablutions, brought water from his friend and helped establish a new camp site for accommodating volunteer groups who visit the community and kids of Mamoli.

De Freitas Bible Distribution and Outreaches have donated a 1000-litre water tank and a septic tank to Joao and his family, to upgrade the camping site.

After many meetings with the local Induna in Mozambique and paperwork from Bella Vista Mozambique finalised in August 2018, the fencing was completed in February 2019 and the new plan for Manzine’s Mission Mozambique was established: Building a home for children in need.

Adele will be moving to Mozambique permanently and this is their plan:

  1. Bush clearing of 1 hectare needs to be done and a gardener will be appointed to maintain it.
  2. The visitors’ house needs to be built first and foremost, for social workers to stay in when visiting on regular inspections.
  3. Solar systems and wind turbines will be used to generate power for the whole of the Mission upon completion. In the meantime, Adele will be able to accommodate 4 children.
  4. A base camp for construction has to be established with water and sanitation. These facilities will be supplied to the main building and dormitories.
  5. Site-mapping and outline of property will continue.
  6. The main building will be constructed then, with the living area, kitchen and toilettes on the ground floor, which will be essential to start helping kids through this whole process.
  7. Dormitory one will be constructed with a small flat for permanent stay of guardians. The ideal will be to build 2 dormitories, one for the boys and one for the girls, hoping to accommodate a maximum of 20 of each gender, each couple with their own personal flat connected to the dormitory of these children for safety and disciplinary reasons.
  8. Building of play area and lapa for outdoor activities.
  9. Throughout construction, a vegetable garden, water pipeline and sanitation areas need to be developed.
  10. We would like to build a chicken coop to provide food for the kids.

HELP build a home, by buying a m² @ R110

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Other partners involved in the STRAB Charity initiative:

THE LANDMINE ROCK TEAM; 2007 – 2016 (Jessica Botha, Moonshine Lee & the Van Der Walt Family)

A fundraising initiative that turned into an annual event. Since the start of Landmine Rock in 2007, over R50 000 has been raised for charity, Mamoli Mission being the main target of funds donated. This could not be done without the support of the Van Der Walt-family and all the great musicians that donated their time and tunes at these events.


The Black Sheep Rock Conspiracy, consisting of Piet Botha, Akkedis & the Freygang Band, raised R40 000 for the Mamoli Mission on their tours in SA and Germany. Another R60 000 was raised in the years 2016-2018 from Freygang Band during their Mamoli Auctions at their own festivals in Germany.

Freygang – Band & Friends will still continue to raise these funds which will now be donated towards development and assistance of the Mamoli Manzine Mission nearby the closed down Mamoli Mission.

In April 2019 Freygang Band & Friends started funding a weekly bread baking/delivery project for the 130 kids at Mamoli primary school.


Donate R20 towards the STRAB Charity initiative when buying your STRAB ticket!