Your STRAB guide

All The Info You Need For your Adventure


Welcome to your trip to Ponta Malongane, Mozambique. We hope that you will have a wonderful experience.

This document contains all the relevant information to guide you on your road to STRAB.

The STRAB GUIDE should help you prepare for your adventure and contains information regarding the following topics:

The Road to Malongane
The map and directions for the best route

Before you go
What to pack and a reminder of all your travel documents

On your way there
Recommended places for sleep-overs along the road

At the Border Post
What to do and expect on the South African and the Mozambican sides of the border at Kosi Bay

Restrictions on alcohol and cigarettes are applicable at the border

Border Post to Malongane
Directions on where to buy third-party insurance, how to deflate your tires and where to go from here

Arrival at Ponta Malongane
Information regarding your check-in.

Information regarding the accommodation options

The music be here!

What to bring along
A list of the items you need to put on your list

Details relating to restaurants and bars in the area

Diving Info
Information regarding divers, kit-up, dive-planning, diving and partying, dive credits, extra dives and own boats

More information on malaria, water, currency and cell phone reception

Other questions?
If you have any other issues please contact Hanalie: