Over the last few months, the STRAB team maintained close contact with the Malongane community to assess the possibility of continuing with STRAB 2021 in a covid regulation abiding format.  In Mozambique on 5 February, a State of Public Calamity (SOPC) came into effect for 30 days.  For us as STRAB’ers two of the regulations are important, namely closed beaches and no gatherings.


The STRAB team is committed to, if regulations and Malongane resort management permit us, provide a Covid-regulation friendly STRAB for those of you who, like us, just cannot wait any longer to put your toes in the sand and listen to some awesome tunes.  This is however dependent on current regulations changing.  We are closely following developments, especially the next Mozambique government announcement which will probably be made around the 5th of March, to see whether the restrictions will be relaxed or not.  We therefor ask you to bear with us a little longer!  

Irrespective of what the outcome will be, the following will apply:

– Your tickets are safe even if STRAB 2021 is postponed to May 2022

– The current 50% cancellation fee will apply until May 2022

– If we are allowed to present a “STRAB Limited” in May, you will have the choice to attend or keep your ticket until May 2022 for hopefully the 1st “normalized”, post vaccine STRAB

– With “STRAB Limited” we will be very creative around how we organize ourselves and the shows in order to comply with regulations, but the ideas we have so far will ensure a great party!

– Testing costs: although the ticket prices will stay the same, you will need to be prepared for the additional costs of Covid testing.  Testing will have to be done in SA in order to enter Mozambique and then as well upon your return.  There are more expensive as well as more affordable options which will be communicated if the festival is viable.

Final note: we would never consider holding the festival during the current epidemic if it wasn’t for the fact that due to the location, every STRAB’er would have had to be tested negative in order to attend.   Similarly, returning to South Africa, we will all go through the same testing process again.  In no way can we ever guarantee a 100% Covid free situation, but it will greatly reduce the risk of contracting the virus to less than the day to day risk we are currently exposed to in SA.

Thank you for your patience in these times!

Hi all STRAB’ers!

STRAB 2023 is less than a month away.  We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting STRAB 2023 despite difficult economic times.

Check out our Facebook site for any upcoming pre-STRAB events over the next month.  Details are updated on our Facebook site.

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STRAB 2023 Countdown

STRAB 2023 is ready and waiting to be experienced from 24 – 28 May. As this is 20 years after the 1st birthday bash of our Scuba school, that went on to become the STRAB festival, it is quite a special year for us with unbelievable memories spanning this period. Our band lineup as usual will reflect our style and there will be a healthy mix between your favorites and exciting new blood.

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