Without sponsors, your tickets would be waaay more expensive, so let’s support the people who help make STRAB 2022 – Ponta Malongane, Mozambique possible!

Jack Daniel’s

On Tour since 1866, Jack Daniel’s association with music goes way back to Mr. Jack’s day. He knew that fine music, like his fine sippin’ whiskey, had a way of bringing folks together. So, after setting up the distillery Jack decided to turn up the volume a little, purchasing a set of mail-order instruments for a few musically minded townsfolk. Every so often they’d show up at the distillery and their sweet sounds would breathe musical life into this great American landmark. We’ve carried on Mr. Jack’s tradition – and our support of music has remained as strong as his. Over the years we’ve been linked to some of music’s true legends, Frank Sinatra, The Rollin Stones to name a few. Strab 2022 is no different; as the place where future music legend start their journey. They are proud of their craft; and as we say here at Jack “each day we make it, we make it the best we can” – so do these budding musical legends.

South African Blues Society

The South African Blues Society is rooted in the cornerstone of music – the blues – and branches out to touch other genres and styles. The SA Blues Society is an NPO that was founded with the goal in mind to give musicians a platform to showcase their skills and express themselves in various ways. Education is another avenue the society prides itself on, and multiple workshops have been held across the country to teach and inspire our future rockstars. South Africa is drowning in talent and we want to be a vehicle that transports our budding creatives on new and thrilling journeys. Our next stop… Strab 2022!

Contact South African Blues Society:

Tel: 082 484 2322


Facebook Page: South African Blues Society

Capital Craft

They sponsor our backstage – making sure our bands are looked after on the refreshment side. A first for Pretoria, a restaurant that serves quality foods together with the best craft beers that South Africa has to offer. They will tell you that craft beers are much more than just a refreshing beverage, each beer has a story to tell. Their tasty dishes elaborate on these tales and are designed to complement the spicy taste of barley/wheat and hops. It is also part of their mission to educate their clientele about the brewing process, the different types of beer and also to help them discover the rich fragrances, aromas and tastes locked away in each beer you order.

Contact Capital Craft Menlo Park
Tel: 012 424 8601

Contact Capital Craft Centurion

Tel: 073 749 9845


The Armchair Theatre